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Monica on the Issues

  • Eliminate regulations on farmers and ranchers that prohibit economic prosperity

  • Oppose tariffs that hinder American farmers from reaching new customers

  • Ensure that ranchers and farmers get reimbursed funds for confirmed damages due to illegal immigrant traffic

  • Fix the supply chain crisis to allow smooth exports of American agricultural products

  • Reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy

  • End Catch and Release

  • Complete infrastructure along the southern border

  • Support Border Patrol and Customs agents

  • Hire more immigration judges

  • Support E-Verify

  • Cut wasteful Washington spending that is driving inflation

  • Lower taxes on working families and small businesses

  • Making energy affordable and “Made in the USA”

  • Hold Communist China accountable for undermining American workers

  • End regulations that increase the cost of energy

  • Support oil and natural gas jobs

  • Invest in American energy to be energy independent once again

  • Improve air quality and reduce pollution through technology

  • Support safe and efficient use of nuclear energy

  • Reject radical socialist Green New Deal policies

  • Protect Medicare and Social Security

  • Co-sponsored legislation preventing cuts to seniors’ benefits

  • Stop the deficit spending that is driving rising inflation

  • Back a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution

  • Incentivize Federal workers to save taxpayer money by rewarding employees who identify waste, fraud and abuse