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ICYMI: Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz Shares Insight on Latino Voter Shift in Newsweek Op-Ed

In a compelling op-ed for Newsweek, Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz (TX-15) discusses the significant pivot of Latino voters towards the Republican Party. Highlighting her own community in Hidalgo County, Texas, she points to dramatic changes in voting patterns: a 48% increase in Republican turnout and a 34% decrease in Democratic participation since 2020 in the ongoing primaries. These figures, she argues, are indicative of a broader national trend that could have profound implications for future elections. 

Excerpt from the op-ed: 

“Democrats are panicking and dumbfounded as President Trump is surging with Hispanics. It’s not just survey data. In my community of Hidalgo County, Texas, where Hispanics make up over 90 percent of the population, primary early vote figures point to a political earthquake: Republican turnout has skyrocketed by 48 percent since 2020, while Democratic participation has plummeted by 34 percent.” 

De La Cruz attributes this shift to a combination of the Democrats’ failure to connect with Latino values, particularly on issues like border security, and the tangible economic improvements Hispanics experienced under Trump’s presidency. She notes the Biden administration’s policies have been particularly harmful to Latino communities, and calls for a united Republican effort to build a diverse, working-class coalition to secure a prosperous American future. 

For more insights and the full commentary, read the op-ed here.